I was never much of a lipstick fan, I had a few in my collection but nothing massive and certainly not ones I would wear on the regular. You see I am a lazy make up wearer and the whole reapplying thing just used to bore me silly, so I used to forgo this step. This is until I got the most amazing red colour in a beauty box from Love Me Beauty. It was a Make Up Forever mini lipstick, and I thought for fun I would slap it on my lips. The colour was so pretty and it really finished off my look, so from that moment I was hooked! That night (which was date night) I ran to town, hit up Urban Decay and my lippie collection has been growing ever since.

I never shy away from a full face of make up even when I am at work, so I thought I would share with you my working week in lipsticks. Just for the fun of it like 🙂

Monday – MAC Matte Mehr

This is a gorgeous matte brown colour which honestly goes with almost everything. Its not drying like most matte lipsticks either so thats a plus.

MAC satin Viva Glam 2

Its a slightly pinkier colour this one, so I need to be a little bit more selective as to what I pair it with. This was one of the first lispticks I brought, so has seen a little more love than most of these. I adore it.

MAC retro Matte Ruby Woo

Newest red to my collection. Oh my days what a colour. Really I have nothing more to say about this colour than…. WOOOOOOOOOOOW.

Jeffree Star Unicorn Blood

Ahhh, this is one of my Ride or Die make up items. Not only does it smell like orange lolly pops, the staying power of this bad boy is cray cray. I mean I can go out for dinner and drinks, and this is almost tattooed on. The only shame of it is that the stars on the case are starting to wear off.

Kat Von D Bow N Arrow

Hands down most difficult packaging to take a photograph of!!!! When I brought this I was not expecting it to be as brown as it was. I can rock a red no probs, but a dark brown really threw me. Odd huh! I am still finding my feet with the colour, but I am learning to love it. Its about one of the only liquid lipsticks I own and it does dry my lips out, so I need to make sure that I have been kind to my lips before I wear it. I have a few KVD lipsticks though and I have to say her brand is just one I adore!!!

So tell me folks, what do you rock during the week. What are your ride or die lippies? Share with me so I might find a few more faves.

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