Back in my 20’s I thought I was a Goddess, yet I didn’t treat myself like one and I certainly didn’t treat my skin well at all. I am lucky and I have always been blessed with clear skin, even at school I skipped the spotty stage, I was way more in the awkward and yet to find myself group. I never used to clean my skin properly, a baby wipe would suffice, and the only moister my skin received was when I got it wet in the shower.

I thought, nay I KNEW I was going to be young forever. No one was going to make me grow up, no siree….. and I carried on my merry way. However, a few years ago my mirror started lying to me. It started showing lines and wrinkles, bags dark circles and puffy things where puffy things had never been before! I scolded it, and sat it in the corner to think about what it was doing to me. I didn’t sign up for it to turn into one of these circus mirrors! Then, as I was about to leave the house, I caught sight of myself in the downstairs mirror, same lines, wrinkles and puffy stuff. I freaked and did what all gals do in a crisis of massive proportion….. I called my mum and cried.

Needless to say, after killing herself laughing at my first world issues she scolded me for taking such bad care of my skin, and as mums normally do she had a point. So I set about trying to find all the things that I should have been putting on my skin in my 20’s, and hoping I wasn’t too late!

I have been through many an eye cream since this nightmarish experience, but not one has touched the magical powers found within Be Barefaced Multi Corrective 3 in One Eye Gel. It boasts that its three powerful ingredients of Marine Collagen, Vitamin E and Argan oil will work its mojo and brighten the eye contour area and beat away dark circles with a metaphorical stick. ‘Too good to be true’ I thought, “going to be a gazillion pounds’ I thought…. Oh intermerwebland how wrong I was. This stuff is amazing, epic and awesome in one little bottle!


It took a few days of me using it once a day, but my dark circles were so visibly reduced, my other half accused me of applying makeup before having a shower!! I started using this twice a day and I swear down that some of my finer lines have gone. My under eyes love me, and I owe it all to this little beauty.

Its a gel formula, which I am new to and a little goes a long long way. Half a pump does both my eyes easily, a whole pump and my eyes are swimming in gel! It absorbs into the skin beautifully, and doesn’t leave a nasty sticky residue like some do. Best of all it doesn’t affect my make up, which for me is a mahoosive plus as some eye creams made my under eye make up slide away. As an added Brucey Bonus you get a cute little bear on the packaging.

If you can’t tell, I really and truly am in LOVE. I stumbled upon this on Amazon, but you can pick it up direct from them too at no extra cost. They have loads and loads of amazing looking things to try. I just wish my budget stretched to be able to pick up a few more this month. Be Barefaced is a born and bred UK company. Starting in Brixton, London, they are now a leading online skincare company. I can almost tell that I am going to love everything from this company.

So I hope you youngsters have learnt a thing or two from my tale of woe. Don’t be a twit like me, look after what you got now, so it can look after you later on in life.

Until next time intermerweb land,



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