Ladies and Gents, I am proud to announce that Blogmoo! has it’s first guest blogger. My most amazing buddy Kirsty, who I am dragging along with me to #BlogConLDN, has lovingly agreed to write me a blog post. So without further ado, please read on about her most recent discovery….. Makeup Obsession’s Contour Cream…..

Kirsty’s new discovery – Makeup Obsession Contour Cream

“You can’t go out like that!” Maybe you heard that every week when you were a teenager, but my nan was pretty cool, so when she said those six words, I did stop to listen! My quick fling with loose blusher powder hadn’t gone well and it was banished to the back of the cupboard, never to be used again!

I was born with an eye condition that means I can’t see anything apart from whether the light is on – no colours, movement or shapes. When I was a teenager, I mastered make-up such as lipstick and mascara, but blusher proved to be more of a problem, especially the loose kind. Nail varnish was also a challenge, but I managed to work out a good trade at school – I would help my sighted friends with their questions about our lessons or homework, and in turn they did my nails!

Anyway – the blusher disaster was washed off and I went out without any. Later I tried compressed powder, which meant I didn’t look like a clown, but I still wasn’t convinced that it looked as good as it could have, so I tended not to bother with it.
Fast forward 20 years and my friend Amy bought me the Makeup Obsession (Live Love London) – Contour Cream C107 Light.
We had already established that cream eye shadows are easier for me to apply than powder ones, because there is less chance of fall-out, so we started to look at other cream alternatives. I didn’t even know that cream blushes, contour creams or highlighters existed, so the journey of discovery has been an exciting one!
The contour cream comes in a square compact. It’s not difficult to get in to, but you have to watch that it doesn’t fly out. Apparently the pot of product is detachable so that you can use the products to build your own, larger palate. I’m not going to do this, and I think a clip-in design would have been better, but as long as you have it on a flat surface or hold it at the side, not underneath, the little pot of contour cream won’t escape!
I measure three fingers away from the side of my mouth, then draw a line of the cream from the hollow of my cheek diagonally up to my hairline. I think most people go inwards, but I find it easier to start in what I know will be the right place and finish in an obvious place, which is why I go outwards. I then blend in the product with my fingers.
If you can’t see what you’re doing, it’s important to do what you can to minimise the chance of mistakes, and using cream products does this for me because I can monitor how much product I’m using and where I’m applying it.  I’m really happy with this contour cream and grateful to Amy for snapping it up for me. Make-up shopping with Amy is a lot of fun!
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NB – Kirsty wasn’t able to take photos, so here is mine…. I may have snapped up the Makeup Obsession contour powder for myself…. maybe…..

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