Searching for the Holy Grail.

*Cue Indiana Jones soundtrack here*

I think that finding the perfect concealer and foundation is like finding the Holy Grail. You spend your lifetime searching for it, leg it out of the shop (once you have paid of course!) like you are being chased by a gigantic ball of rock and then place the bottles on display on your make up table like they are something amazing to behold. You tell everyone and their dog about your find, and potentially may even buy back ups because, well just in case…. Right? No? Ok so only me then.

As I am getting…. Cough…. Older, I have noticed a number of things. Lines where lines never used to be, my skin plays me up a whole lot more and takes a whole lot more work now, and my make up just isn’t doing the job that it used to. It adds to the depressing feeling of being in the next age bracket up when you are filling in forms. I have always been a MAC Cosmetics girl, and I love and believe in their products so I know it must be me and not them so I have set myself a task….. to find the Holy Grail of concealers.

I started by addressing my problems:

1) Fine lines,

2) Dark circles which will not quit,

3) My face eating the product,

4) Powder, both loose and pressed, making me look like I have scales on my under eye.

Surely there must be a product or products out there for me, a 30 something, which could take these issues and eat them for breakfast. The intermerweb is brilliant for these things, but I wasn’t prepared to pay gazillions of pounds buying products for them to not work. So I donned my Indie hat, well my warm hoodie, and I set off into town to see what I could pick up.

We have a moderately sized Debenhams, so I thought that I would start there to pick up a few samples. The longer you hang about on my blog you will see I ADORE samples. I mean whats not to love. You get to try products, without having to pay, and might find something that you really can’t live without. Also, if you really love a product and you are going traveling, you don’t have to pack your full sized items or faff with small pots which you will always forget what is inside. Genius. I was surprised that certain brands would not allow you to take samples away. They immediately lost my business (Benefit I am looking at you). I know and appreciate that there are certain things you simply can’t take away, pressed powders for example, but for what I was after I didn’t feel it was too much of a tall order. Even stick concealers you can scrape some off and pot it up, lord knows this is what Dior did for me, yet other brands with similar products won’t do the same. If you pay a premium price, you expect a premium service, and that includes me being able to use these products in my own home, at my own convenience, even if it means making a small mess of your tester products (which is what they are there for anyway!!!).

Anyway I digress, I picked up a number of products from Debs. Concealer, correction sticks, foundations… Oh my! (I really should keep my movie references to one movie per blog right). I also picked up a few high street concealers from my local Boots. My aim is to test them out over the coming weeks and let you know how I get on.

My ‘hit’ list, so far, is:

Dior – Diorskin Nude Air Loose Powder and Fix It Colour 2-in-1 Prime & Colour Correct

Clarins – Instant Concealer

Bare Minerals – Mineral Vale Powder

YSL – Touche Eclat 01 and Setting Powder

Clinique – Super Primer Discolouration, All about the Eyes Concealer, Super Balance Foundation, Beyond Perfect Foundation and Loose Powder Invisible Blend.

Estee Lauder – Double Wear Foundation

NYX – Dark Circles Concealer and HD Concealer

Maybelline – The Eraser Eyeshadow

LA Pro Girl Concealer

What do you use? If you have any suggestions for me let me know and I shall add them to my ‘Hit’ List.

So, until next time my lovelies,



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  1. Love your writing Amy! I use YSL too but recently discovered Avon Extra Lasting Concealer which is really light but does a great job when applied over an eye cream x

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