Howdy. My name is Amy and I am the wrong side of 30. I am a mummy to a beautiful 7 year old who has Autism and I love all things beauty, make up and …… well life related. My aim is to make as many memories for my family as possible, whist navigating life at the same time.

What is Blogmoo I hear you ask, well, that is a very good question! I pride myself on my quirky geek chic, trying to find the positive in everyday and every situation. I guess ‘blogmoo’ just sums me up in one little package. A bit like my Instagram username, @monkey_honk. Life is too serious at the best of times, and this is my way of injecting a little bit of fun into every day. If it makes you smile, my mission is complete.

I also wanted to keep this page as generic as possible, so I could write about anything and everything that is my life. If you hang around, hopefully you will get a snap shot into my life and not be too freaked out to never come back.